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2019 Bordeaux En Primeur

Where to Start? I arrived at Chateau Carignan from America Monday February 24th. News was distant about the Coronavirus and we were to some degree oblivious to what was about to happen to the world. We were busy at Chateau Carignan tasting our vat and barrel samples during February, March, April and May. We were very excited about the quality and felt our wines were better than our great 2018s! It was with this enormous enthusiasm that on May 22th I accepted an invitation to taste the 2019s- my 35th year tasting Bordeaux barrel samples. Little did I know I would be inadvertently one of the few trade people outside of Bordeaux to have the privilege of tasting this year.

Rest assured that these are some of the best barrel samples I have ever tasted. These wines are so complete: very expressive nose, fabulous mid palate richness, lovely silky sweet ripe tannins and long finishes - Andy Lench, BWL President & Founder.

Download the 2019 Vintage Report.

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