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Bordeaux Wine Locators

2017 Bordeaux En Primeur

This April we made the annual pilgrimage to Bordeaux for the En Primeur barrel tastings. Unlike most years, we hadn’t heard much about the vintage before we arrived, except for the fact that like most of Europe, Bordeaux was severely hit by frost at the end of April. St Emilion was worst hit, however the Left Bank generally escaped the worst of it. Some estates lost their entire crop, whereas others were more fortunate and were completely unaffected. Sadly, our property in Bordeaux, Chateau Carignan, lost 30% of their grapes.

The good news is that those unaffected grapes have resulted in some charming, aromatic, classically-styled wines that in the most part far exceeded our expectations. The best will age well, and the lesser wines will drink well early.

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